Here you are a new Fantasyland update (sorry, no Dumberial pics this time. You'll have to wait until Wednesday for that), but there are so many new things to see, that you won't be disappointed!:

The Cinderella Well:

The new "Tangled meet-and-greet:

A new tower:

The "Mad Hatter's Tea Cups" look a bit... PINK! (I don't like this color, and I hope it won't be the final one:

The new roof is being installed, and it looks like the old one.... disappointment.
But we all knew that, right?:

Who's there?:

Painting in progress:

The Little mermaid building is receiving walls on the SECOND FLOOR! Works are going so fast!!!:

Nothing new on the Beauty and the Beast castle:

Work continue on Winnie the Pooh:

The tree of Winnie the Pooh.. Winnie The Pooh..:

This is going to look GREAT:

Work have begun on the other side of the store, confirming that it will be themed too (but it was obvious):

WE HAVE TO CELEBRATE! Finally, Peter Pan's tower is out of the tarps, and looks simply great!:

Very nice:

The colors of this lamp are great too:

This looks better than ever:

Work on "It's a Small World":

New lights have been installed in the front of the ex-exit:

Thanks a lot for viewing!!!

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