Fantasyland Forest NEW update!

Today we have one of the best updates yet, showing some new work on the Fantasyland Forest!
Why do I call it "FOREST" now? Wait, and you'll see why.....

First of all, let's check out the "Mad Hatter's tea cups":

The new roof seems really similar to the precedent:

It's all covered now:

The following picture is dedicated to some WDWMagic members :-)

The Little Mermaid building:

Is this the beginning of the works on the facade of the attraction??:

Winnie the Pooh is now CLOSED for refurbishment. When it will reopen (around November 24) it will look great:

New fake wood has been put:

And wires come out of the poles:

The tree is done:

Pooh is hibernating:

The shop will close next week:

Let's see what they're doing here:

Here's why I call it Fantasyland forest:

They've planted lots of new trees!:


They don't want us to take pictures anymore:

Some over-the-wall pictures:

A close-up look at Pooh:

The Beauty and the Beast's castle:

The area around Peter Pan:

When they closed the stroller parking, look how crazy it got;

Thanks for viewing, and as always, please comment! Thanks!


  1. If Disney put all those tree, I think that, from a point of view, this can be a good news for this amazing Blog: it means that even the Disney Imaginer read your blog.

    For me the Glass is ever half full!!! eheheh!!!

  2. of course they put the trees up a week before i see it in person!!!!

  3. Construction is coming along, can't wait to see the end result

  4. Awesome photos! So they've shut down the aerial photos, and now the poopers! Hopefully we'll still get some good shots over Dumbo. Thanks for the great photo update!!

  5. I'm very excited at how the forest will look combined with Pooh's exterior once all is completed but I feel the trees should extend a bit into the walk way to kind of mix in with the facade.

    Can't wait to come back in 2013 (if we make it ;) lol)

  6. Looks like they haven't 'planted' any trees; the look like they are still in buckets and not in the ground. Maybe they will go somewhere else shortly? Or will just move with the wall as it goes back gradually.


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