Many, many people are complaining about the name of Busch Gardens Tampa's newest roller coaster, CHEETAH HUNT.

For many months, the project was indeed called "Cheetaka, and most of the people seemed to like it.
Then, just a few days before unveiling more info about this new project, the Busch gardens management decided that the name "Cheetaka" was too difficult to say, so they changed its name into "Cheetah Hunt", what seems to be the final name of this new launched coaster.

So, what do you think? Do you like this name?
I personally think that "Cheetah Hunt" is not that bad, but I do agree that it looks like we have to go hunting FOR Cheetahs, not ALONG WITH them. I'll let you express your thoughts in the comments.

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Ky said...

To be honest, I think Cheetaka sounded better, but I do get where they are going to how it is hard to say.

Grant said...

Too hard to say? How is "Cheetaka" any more hard to say than Gwazi, SheiKra, or Alpengeist??

Grant said...

and p.s. I know alpengeist is at BGW not BGT

Jen said...

Cheetaka sounds more exotic and more befitting for bgt. Cheetah Hunt is meh.

They should have left well enough alone.

Anonymous said...

The name is not good for several reasons:
1.The name Cheetah Hunt sounds too much like it might be a kiddie coaster
2.Some people might think the term means you're going hunting for Cheetahs
3.It totally goes against all the previous cool names the other coasters in the park have

southie_chick said...

I agree -Cheetaka fits better with the other coaster names in the park (like Montu & Gwazi). Don't like Cheeta Hunt - sounds too much like Cheeto Hunt & then I want to look for Chester .... & some Cheetos! : )

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