Another Interesting Universal Survey

Universal Orlando has released a very, very interesting new survey.
it's very interesting for Annual passholders.

Here you are some of the most important questions of the survey:

1) - Universal Orlando (UO) is considering adding some new benefits to their Annual Passes. Generally, what type of benefits would you like to see included  in an Annual Pass? 
Please choose your 3 favorite general benefit categories.
Access to the Park after it closes to the general public < NICE ONE!
Express Pass Access while in the Park 
Free Water Bottles 
Discounts at Wet n' Wild 
Access to the Park before it opens for general admission
Parking Discounts 
Discounts on Separate Ticket Events
Annual Pass Renewal Discounts 
Discounts in the park (food,merchandise)
On-Site Hotel Discounts 
Exclusive Passholder Events
Blue Man Group Discounts 
Discounts at CityWalk 
Universal Ticket Discounts for other people in your party 
Monthly Payment plans

2) - How valuable would each of the following Annual Pass benefits be to you?

Free Upgrade to an on-site Hotel Suite, depending on availability < YEP!
Free Admission to the CityWalk clubs for you and 1 guest    
Ride Again Privileges < LOVE THIS ONE! 
You can ride twice in a row without getting back in line < THIS ONE TOO!!   
Exclusive Passholder Events 
Periodic Events throughout the year    
Free New Year's Eve Ticket 
Party at Citywalk    
1 Free Halloween Horror Nights Ticket Non-peak night only    
Free 1 Park Meal Deal Ticket Good for either park    
1 Free Rock the Universe Ticket Good For Any Night    
1 Free Halloween Horror Nights Ticket Good For Any Night

3) - How valuable would each of the following Annual Pass benefits be to you?

Free Passholder Souvenir Cup 
Good for 1 free fountain drink at the park    
$20 in UO Gift Certificates
Good For Use in the Park    
Exclusive Gift with Pass purchase 
Examples Include limited edition lanyards, pins, toys    
Free PhotoBook 
Allows you to create a personalized UO scrapbook on-line    
Late Park Closure Park 
remains open 1 hour later just for passholders on select nights    
Free Self Parking
Any time    
Free Valet Parking 
Excluding Major Holidays and HHN    
Early Park Admission to Experience The Wizarding World of Harry Potter ™
Park is open one hour early for Passholders

4) - Consider the following list of possible new benefits. Which FIVE are the most appealing to you?
Please check your favorite FIVE. 

All-day access to Universal Express pass on weekends < GOOD ONE!
50% discount on multiple Halloween Horror Nights tickets
Special times when the park is only open to passholders
Exclusive access to a $9.95 Coke cup that offers free refills all year (you have to buy the cup though)
Chance to be the first in line on one ride every day.
Priority seating at Universal Studios Florida concerts
Free admission to SeaWorld Orlando < I LIKE THIS ONE TOO!
30% discount on selected food and beverages
2 for 1 park games (play each game you pay for twice)
All-day access to Universal Express on weekdays
Special days of the year when you can bring a friend for free
Exclusive performance of kids shows
Free admission to Wet 'n Wild Orlando
Free admission to Universal Studios Hollywood
50% discount on tickets for friends

Create Your Own Universal Orlando® Annual Pass 

Universal Orlando created 3 different Annual Pass options (Premier, Preferred and Power) to meet the needs of different guests. We took our Preferred Pass (currently sells for $219.99 plus tax) and subtracted benefits to create the Power Pass and added benefits to create the Premier Pass. When we subtracted benefits we lowered the price of the pass and when we added benefits we increased the price.
Now we are asking you to create an Annual Pass based on the Preferred Pass, every time you take away a benefit you lower the price and every time you a benefit you add to the price and get more from the pass. Just select the option that is the most appealing to you in each category.
If you could pick the benefits included in your Annual Pass what would they be?

Which Universal Orlando "Passholder Hour" option would you rather include in your Annual Pass?
The passholder hour lets passholders into the park one hour before the general public enters or lets passholders stay in the park for one hour after it closes to the general public.

No Passholder Hour (lowers the price)
Passholder Hour Twice a month (no price change)
Passholder Hour 4 times a month (raises the pass price) <THIS ONE. I WOULD RATHER SPEND A BIT MORE, BUT HAVE THESE SPECIAL HOURS MORE OFTEN.

Would you rather have "passholder hour" before the  park opens to the public in the morning or "passholder hour" in the evening after the park closes to the public? 

In the Morning
In the Evening < OF COURSE!
I have NO interest in passholder hour

So, what are your thoughts? Is anyone here a Universal Annual Passholder too?
I find these benefits to be really good, especially the ones for a special time for passholders only! That would be great! Can you imagine having the entire park (or even BOTH parks) all for yourself and a few others??
Now, that would really be fantastic.
But, if you're not an annual passholder, would these benefits make you want to BUY an annual pass, even though you may only use it for one week?


  1. Thats pretty awesome. Im going to move down to Florida in a couple of years and get annual passes to both Disney and Universal, unless I work at Disney cause thats what im trying to do.

  2. What is the link for the survey?


  3. Here you are the link for it:


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