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Great shows coming to the Disney Dream

Many new, incredible shows are being prepared for the new Disney Dream! The first one will be called “Disney’s Believe”. It tells the story of "a workaholic father who reconnects with his daughter and learns a valuable lesson thanks to the magic of Disney". The show will feature more than 20 Disney characters.
Here's an artist rendering of the show:

But, this will not be the only new show that will be presented on this great new ship! Other shows are  “The Golden Mickeys: A Timeless Tribute” and “Villains Tonight!”.
Also, in addition to these nightly stage shows, the upper decks of the Disney Dream will be home of two incredible celebrations. “Mickey’s Pirates in the Caribbean” that will take command of the Donald Pool stage with Disney characters and pirate-themed music. Later in the evening, Captain Jack Sparrow will inspire guests to unleash their inner buccaneer during “Club Pirate,” a high-tech, open-air dance party.
But, that's not all! As the only cruise line with …

R'n'R coaster CLOSED today

Just a quick announcement from Walt Disney World: "Rock ‘n Roller Coaster® Starring Aerosmith at Disney’s Hollywood Studios will be closed Sunday, Oct. 31, 2010." Priority Level: Urgent.
But don't worry, it's probably just minor work that's being done, as tomorrow it will be back open, according to Walt Disney World.

Is recession REALLY over?

One question that everybody wants to answer: "Is the recession finally OVER?". The answer? Yes and no.
The news and authorities say that it is indeed over, and that may be true. Job opportunities are slightly, very slightly increasing, but there's so much to do before we can really say that we're back on track.
Of course, we will never be like we were the past.

But, what does this have to do with Orlando and its attractions? Well, we are not immune to this problem. True, the many additions that the parks are building year after year has helped a lot to boost our economy, but there's a place in Central Florida where one business over three has been closed!
Where is it? It's the EAST 192, where very few tourist go.

Take a look at just a few of the many shops/attractions, etc.. are closed there:


The Disney Look.. to the Past! (10/30 - 11/05)

Here you are this week's look... at Disney's History! ______________________________

This Week in Disney History: Oct. 30-Nov. 5

Nov. 2, 2001 - Walt Disney Pictures/Pixar Animation Studios releases Monsters, Inc. Meet James P. Sulley, top scarer for the Monsters, Inc. utility company. Screaming kids provide power for the city of Monstropolis, which is in the throes of an energy crisis since kids these days don't scare easily. Assisted by Mike Wazowski, Sulley investigates some unusual activity on the scare floor after hours and things goes awry as a playful two year-old girl follows Sulley into the monster world. Attempting to hide the precocious "Boo" from other monsters, who are horrified by the human intruder, Sulley and Mike uncover their own company's diabolic project and make a discovery that could transform the way monsters get energy in the process. Proving that a laugh is more powerful than a scare, the idea for Monsters Inc. came from the same legendary…

OTPN is changing color!

We're doing some changes to our site, including a new color scheme and an optimization of the pages/posts on our website. We're really trying to do our best, but in these two or three days you may experience some technical difficulties, so we ask to be patient as we try to give you a better product!
So far, what do you think about the new color scheme? Tell us your opinion by voting and/or posting a comment at the bottom of the post:

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Thanks for your patience!

Cars Land reaches a milestone

A new milestone was reached by Disney California Adventure this week: The main "mountain" of the new Cars land has been completed, and is the highest point of the park! More, from the Disney Parks Blog: ______________________________
‘Topping Out’ – An Expansion Milestone at Disney California Adventure Park

I witnessed a milestone in the multi-year expansion of Disney California Adventure park today. I joined some media and watched the “topping out” ceremony for the Cadillac Mountain Range’s tallest peak. At 125 feet, it’s the most visible part of the new 12-acre Cars Land, which is scheduled to open in 2012.
At the base of this mountain range will be the entrance to Radiator Springs Racers, the E-ticket thrill ride which will headline Cars Land along with other attractions, food and merchandise shops all based on the Disney-Pixar blockbuster, “Cars.”

“Topping out” is a traditional construction event among construction workers and engineers that takes place when the highest piece…

New stuff at the Emporium

Preparation for Walt Disney World's 40th anniversary are underway, and some new stuff is beginning to appear in the stores of Magic Kingdom:
This is the tag attached to these limited-edition stuff:

Save the Hulk!

Our friends over at Amusement Park Authority have set up a very good cause, that is focused on one of the most neglected coasters: The Incredible Hulk coaster.
You can join their group by going HERE.
If they reach a fair amount of followers, maybe Universal will finally do what they have to do, that is PAINT THE HULK! It's rusty and nasty, and it really needs some love. We've been saying this for a long time, but unfortunately it doesn't seem one of Universal's priorities.
What do you think? Should they paint it now or they should wait for a bit more?

Magic Kingdom update (10/28/2010)

Here yo are a new general update on the magic Kingdom!:
Work continue along Main Street U.S.A.:

Rockit back open!!!

Finally a good news! Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit has been reopened yesterday! Here's the news, thanks to SCREAMSCAPE: ______________________________
Big surprise today for guests at Universal Studios Florida, as the Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit coaster had reopened to the public as unexpectedly as it closed down six weeks ago. The reports sent in so far are a bit vague, but claim that the ride may have received all new trains (or possibly refurbished perhaps?) and that the ride experience was very much improved. When I asked Universal Orlando about the reopening of the coaster they had this to say, “We are excited that Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit has re-opened after its maintenance period.” Sorry, you were expecting more? At this point I think I’d be happy if it at least was giving off the butter smooth rides it was expected to in the first place. ______________________________
I'm curious to see what changes have been done on the ride's trains! See you next week, with a Universal Orla…

Legoland Florida description

Finally, the "PARK MAP" page of the Legoland Florida site is working correctly (even though the map shows up in a very small format!), and here you are the description of the various lands that will be available in our new theme park, which will open on October 2011: ______________________________

The Beginning hosts park entry, ticket and pass sales, the Garden Restaurant and The Big Shop.  The Big Shop – One of the largest retail stores in the world where guests can a huge selection of LEGO and LEGOLAND merchandise  The Market – Authentic imported Danishes and freshly baked pastries, espresso, milk, juice, fruit, a selection of yogurts and soft serve ice cream


When guests enter Fun Town, they truly get a sense they’ve entered a LEGO village.  LEGOLAND Florida  will feature a variety of retail shops and delicious treats, most notably, Granny’s Apple Fries  Factory Tour – A firsthand look at how LEGO bricks are made from factory to finish  Studio Store – Visit t…

A look at the new Karamell Kuche

The Disney Parks Blog has recently uploaded a new video showing the new Karamelle Kuche, a Carmel Shop that has opened in Germany, at Epcot. Here's the video:

Nice video. Do you like Caramel? I personally like it, but I still haven't tried it because it's always too crowded.

Star Tour's new Pilot

Yep, Star Tours 2: The Adventure continues will see a new pilot next year! More info from the Disney Parks Blog, which reveals some news about it: __________________________________
Who’s Flying This Thing?!

It was great to read your comments about the pilots of Star Tours on my last post. Some people really want to see Rex again in the new show. Others are excited about the introduction of the new character “Ace.” And then there are those who are speculating about a bigger role for Threepio. So, I thought it was time we set the story straight about just who will be in the cockpit in the new show. And guess what? You’re all right!

As explained earlier, all Star Tours Starspeeder 1000s are flown using the latest AC-series Tour Droids. And in fact, our initial plans were for our flight to be piloted by AC-38 better known as “Ace.” However, in discussions with George Lucas during the course of our production, we decided to take the story in a very different direction.
So…while AC-38 is suppose…

Fantasyland Forest NEW update!

Today we have one of the best updates yet, showing some new work on the Fantasyland Forest! Why do I call it "FOREST" now? Wait, and you'll see why.....

First of all, let's check out the "Mad Hatter's tea cups":

Our latest videos on You Tube

Here you are our newest videos that we uploaded on our YOU TUBE channel in these days!:

A ride-through video of the recently re-opened attraction "It's a Small World":

A video of the complete "Enchanted Tiki Room - Under new management" show:


A video showing the work being done on the Tea Cups:

...and on the new Tangled play-and-greet (that is now open, by the way. Pictures are coming tomorrow!):

Thanks for viewing! And remember to always check out our video page HERE!!

IOA update (Oct.25)

Here you are a new update on Islands of Adventure!:
Let's begin by checking out the Hulk (that is still, well you know!):

New experience at Tokyo Disneyland

Next year, Tokyo Disneyland will open a new sort of walk-through attraction inside Cinderella Castle, after the old tour was shut down. Here you are some info about it: ______________________________
Inside Cinderella Castle

Next year Tokyo Disneyland Park will open Cinderella's Fairy Tale Hall, a walkthrough-type attraction located inside its Cinderella Castle. 
Located in the castle where Cinderella lives with Prince Charming, the princess wants to share her magical story, so she has decided to open up the castle, even during her absence, and exhibit various artworks that show scenes from her story.
Guests will be able to wander through rooms that bring to life the world of the Disney classic film "Cinderella" and view paintings, diorama and other artworks that follow the story of the beloved princess. At the lobby and corridor will be eight murals showing how Cinderella changed from beloved daughter, to servant girl, and then to a princess.  Guest also will see a diorama …

The Disney Look.. to the Past! (10/23 - 10/29)

Here you are this week's look... to the Disney World (and land) past! This is a special week, as Epcot is involved: ______________________________
This Week in Disney History: Oct. 23-29

Oct. 24, 1982 - Epcot is officially dedicated at the Walt Disney World Resort When Walt Disney announced his Florida project in 1965, an Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow was a cornerstone of the original plans for Walt Disney World. Although this dream was ultimately deferred from the resort's 1971 opening, Walt Disney Productions president Card Walker and a determined army of Imagineers was determined to realize Walt's vision. Card announced plans for Epcot Center on Oct. 1, 1978; groundbreaking took place Oct. 24, 1979 at 9 a.m. 25 million man hours and almost precisely three years to the minute later, as he promised, Card stood in front of Spaceship Earth to lead its dedication ceremony. The 300-acre park is divided into two sections: Future World, which showcases new technology …

General Magic Kingdom update

Here you are an update of the magic Kingdom, not including Fantasyland (those are coming Wednesday!!):

New trees have been planted near the "bone-yard" outside the park:

LAST UPDATE for our Tournaments!

This will be our LAST UPDATE for the Tournaments of "The Best rides of the Year Award"! Please, please, participate! we need many votes to close them!
Here you are the last polls of each category:
1) LAST POLL of the Roller Coasters category!
2) LAST POLL of the Dark Rides category!
3) LAST POLL of the Water Rides category!
4) LAST POLL of the Live Shows category!
5) LAST POLL of the 3D shows category!
The Best Theme Park of the Year has already been revealed! But you'll have to visit our Tournaments to see which park has won the prize! Once all the polls are closed, we'll reveal all the winners here too! So, please, once again, vote for your favorite ride!!!
Thanks a lot for participating, and may the best rides of this year win!

Epcot update (Mouse Gear/Imagination)

Here you are a new update on Epcot, with a focus on the Imagination Pavilion, Mouse Gear and Duffy the Bear! Let's begin with one of the best sights you can ever see:

It's a Small World's New Queue Line

"It's a Small World" has been closed for a long time, but finally this Wednesday it was reopened to the public! Let's see how the queue design has changed:
What a great sight! No more walls (at least in this section of the park!!):

Pleasure Island to be REDONE soon

The Save Pleasure Island blog has recently discovered some really interesting documents and permits that have been filed by the Walt Disney Company. What are they about? One of the few abandoned places of the resort: PLEASURE ISLAND.

Yes, Pleasure Island has been closed for more than two years now (it was completely shut down in 2008). Was it a good move on Disney's part? Well, both yes and no, in my opinion. Indeed, i love family-friendly attractions, but many of the clubs that were there (not all of them) were more adult-centered, much like the ones you can find at Universal Citywalk. So, what have they have done about it after they shut down all the clubs? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. The only thing that was added to the island since it was closed was the new South America restaurant "Paradiso 37". Then... nothing. And that's a shame, since there's a lot of space that could be filled with some new family-friendly attractions and such.
But, let's come back to today.


Fantasyland update - PART 1 -

Here you are a big Fantasyland Expansion update for this week!
Let's see how the work is proceeding:

Winnie the Pooh will look wonderful once this rehab will be done:

Fantasyland update - PART 2 -

Here you are PART 2 of this exciting update! Let's begin with the new "Beauty and the Beast" building (the "Be Our Guest" restaurant"):

Legoland Florida news!

Today there are some news regarding Legoland Florida! First of all, they've updated their OFFICIAL SITE, where now you can check out the park map, as shown below (click on it to view it completely):

I am so happy that they've released it!!!! There are almost all of my favorite attractions, like the "Dragon coaster", the "Safari", The Lost Kingdom", the "Driving school", "Miniland", etc. along with some bonuses, just for the Florida park (that will be, by the way, the World's BIGGEST Legoland): The Coastersaurus (wooden coaster), a suspended coaster, the "Flying Island", a Pirate-themed ski show, the botanical gardens, the conservatory (with the butterflies and tropical plants) and more!!! The only disappointing thing is that there are some rides that are missing, and that were very important to me, like the "Pirate-themed splash battle", the "Adventurers' Club" and Fairy Tale Brook". I really h…

Fantasy Surf Video

Here you are a great video taken inside the new Indoor Surfing Facility: "FANTASY SURF":

Also, remember to check out our update on this attraction, with a lot of pictures and info! Go HERE to view it, or just scroll down!

The Ultimate Indoor Wave: Fantasy Surf NOW OPEN!

Today, OCTOBER 22, 2010, a great new attraction has been officially opened to the public! It's the...
This incredible new experience will make you feel like you're really surfing in the ocean.... with a difference: the waves here are always perfect for surfing! The water flows continuously, providing an enjoyable experience for the entire family! Yesterday we had the great pleasure of checking out the new "Fantasy Surf" location that has been built right inside the "Fantasy World resort", really near the "Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway" (also know as the 192), so, here you are some pictures of it! Some great, HD videos of this experience will be uploaded soon!!:
The building is very difficult to miss, thanks to its orange tonalities that really stand out as you pass down the road:

Peter Pan's Flight ON RIDE

Another new ride video has been uploaded, in our OFFICIAL YOU TUBE PAGE! This time, we've made an attempt to record in total darkness, inside one of Magic Kingdom most popular ride: PETER PAN'S FLIGHT!
Of course, you can see just a few things, because external video lighting cannot be used, but still.... I HIGHLY recommend viewing it in High Definition, as more particulars will stand out:

Thanks for viewing! More videos coming soon!!!

Electrical Water Pageant

Did you know that there's a parade that has been around the Magic Kingdom for almost 40 years?
No, I'm not talking about a normal parade... It's a water-parade, called the "Electrical Water Pageant".
It runs nightly since 1971, and can be viewed from the Monorail and from all the Disney resort around the lagoon. Here you are some pictures of it:

Race Rock Demolition progress

As we reported earlier last week, the old Race Rock Cafe is currently being demolished. If you go HERE you can see some pictures of the earlier stage of demolition. Here's what the site looks like:

Shanghai Disneyland work to begin soon

The long-rumored Shanghai Disneyland project may have finally been approved, and construction is slated to begin NOVEMBER 2010. Here's the news, from Trading Markets: _______________________________
The Disney project in Shanghai is said to be started after the ending of the 2010 Shanghai Expo in November, people close to the matter disclosed. 
By far, phase I land has been delivered, and the preparation work of the bid inviting and the negotiations between the Chinese and US parties have been close to the end. As a response, the Disney concept stocks, such as Zhonglu Co., Ltd. (SHSE: 600818), Shanghai International Airport Co., Ltd. (SHSE: 600009), Shanghai CIMIC Tile Co., Ltd. (SZSE: 002162), and Shanghai Jielong Industry Group Corporation Limited (SHSE: 600836) grew 9.98%, 7.06%, 6.30%, and 5.23% respectively, last Friday. 
The Chinese and US parties will establish an investment holding company each, which will invest in the Disney project in name of the two parities, and will set …

Fantasyland Expansion (PART 1)

Here you are a great new Fantasyland Expansion update!!! (WARNING! IT MAY TAKE A WHILE FOR THE PHOTOS TO LOAD, AS THEY ARE IN HD):

Fantasyland Expansion (PART 2)

Here you are PART 2 of our newest Fantasyland update! To see PART 1, just go HERE!
Some pictures of THE BEAUTY AND THE BEAST'S building:

A LOT of Epcot fun facts!

Well, I think it's now time for more "Did you know that?" fun facts! This week, you'll read more about what you can see around EPCOT!: ______________________________

A cut-out of what famous figure is featured behind the wheel during the Semi-Truck Scene in Test Track?
Lyndon B. Johnson

A red and white school letter jacket hangs from the computer room of the Sight Lab in Journey Into Imagination With Figment. What college name appears on the jacket?
Medfield College

According to Ellen in the attraction, "Ellen's Energy Adventure", in what city does she live?
New York

According to Ellen in the attraction, "Ellen's Energy Adventure", what name did she used to call Dr. Judy Peterson when the two were roommates during college?
"Stupid Judy"

According to Ellen in the attraction, "Ellen's Energy Adventure", who is her neighbor?
Bill Nye

According to the attraction, what is the final Jeopardy question to the answer, "This is the o…

Disney Fantasy set to sail in 2012

Disney's newest ship, the Disney Dream, will be leaving the dock very soon, in January 2011, but what about its "twin" ship, the Disney Fantasy? Well, finally the Walt Disney Company has released a date for the ship's debut! Read all the new info here, courtesy of the Disney Parks Blog: ______________________________
Disney Fantasy Sets Sail in April 2012 – 2012 Itineraries Open for Booking
With all the excitement about the arrival of our new Disney Dream cruise ship in January, we don’t want to overlook another huge milestone for Disney Cruise Line…the arrival of the brand-new Disney Fantasy ship in 2012!
The Disney Fantasy will sail her maiden voyage on April 7, 2012, bringing even more innovation, unique guest experiences and personalized service to guests. A sister ship to the Disney Dream, the Disney Fantasy will feature an AquaDuck water coaster, magical children’s areas, world-class entertainment, delightful dining, retreats for adults and immersive experiences fo…

Another Interesting Universal Survey

Universal Orlando has released a very, very interesting new survey.
it's very interesting for Annual passholders.

Here you are some of the most important questions of the survey:

1) - Universal Orlando (UO) is considering adding some new benefits to their Annual Passes. Generally, what type of benefits would you like to see included  in an Annual Pass?  Please choose your 3 favorite general benefit categories. Access to the Park after it closes to the general public < NICE ONE! Express Pass Access while in the Park  Free Water Bottles  Discounts at Wet n' Wild  Access to the Park before it opens for general admission Parking Discounts  Discounts on Separate Ticket Events Annual Pass Renewal Discounts  Discounts in the park (food,merchandise) On-Site Hotel Discounts  Exclusive Passholder Events Blue Man Group Discounts  Discounts at CityWalk  Universal Ticket Discounts for other people in yo…