Kodak out of Imagination

Yes, this has been confirmed from many, many sources (included us!) for a bit of time now, but we have never received an official news from WDW itself.... until now.

Here's an article from the news from a special interview of "The Orlando Sentinel":

Kodak cuts ties with Epcot pavilion
— By Jason Garcia on September 10, 2010 at 11:11 am 

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Eastman Kodak Co., a corporate sponsor in Walt Disney Co. theme parks since the opening of Disneyland in 1955, has pulled out of a prominent Epcot attraction.

Representatives for Rochester, N.Y.-based Kodak and Walt Disney World confirmed this week that the venerable photo-and-film company ended its sponsorship of Epcot’s Imagination! pavilion, home to the ride “Journey Into Imagination with Figment” and a play area dubbed “ImageWorks.”
Neither company would discuss the reasons behind the move. 

Kodak has also ended its sponsorship of a theater in the Tomorrowland section of Disneyland in Anaheim, Calif. [NOTE: it's the theater where "Captain EO" is currently showing].
“Our alliance partnerships are ever-changing, and this adjustment reflects the dynamic nature of the sponsorship business,” Disney World spokesman Zoraya Suarez said.

Disney said the move will not lead to noticeable changes around Imagination! beyond the removal of Kodak signs. The resort made cosmetic changes to a theater in the pavilion earlier this summer when it revived the “Captain EO” 3D movie featuring the deceased pop singer Michael Jackson.

Disney said that about a dozen employees who worked at the pavilion through a Kodak contractor were given opportunities to apply for other jobs at Disney World.

Even without the Epcot attraction, Kodak will maintain a substantial sponsorship presence throughout Disney’s theme parks. The company continues to sponsor the 3D movie “Mickey’s PhilharMagic” in the Magic Kingdom and approximately 50 “Kodak Picture Spots” scattered throughout Disney World and Disneyland.
Disney will also continue selling Kodak products in its parks.

“We continue to have a positive, productive relationship with Disney, and we are discussing possible future collaborations,” Kodak spokesman David Lanzillo said.


There's a phrase that I don't like AT ALL! This one: "Disney said the move will not lead to noticeable changes around Imagination! beyond the removal of Kodak signs."
That's a very bad news! I really hope that Disney changes his mind, because the pavilion can't stay like this!
The ride is not very good, "ImageWorks" is a mess, and what about the Magic Eye theater? What will happen to it when "Captain EO" will move out (If it ever will)??

The questions remain unanswered, for now.


  1. They've already stated that Honey I Shrunk the Audience will return when Captain EO finishes its run. Lame! If I had a magic lamp, I'd wish that they rebuild the original ride using modern technology to fix the problems the old one had.

  2. Yeah, that's right, but I've heard some rumors that say that plans may have changed, but take that as a grain of salt for now...

  3. They may have changed the plans to let it sit the same as it is now?

    I wish they would build a new ride that was even better than the original...

  4. HIStA is coming back? Talk about dated! When were those movies released? The late 80s or early 90s? Time to move on!

  5. IMHO I wish HIStA would turn into a Philharmagic type movie.


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