Here's a new update for you.
It's about, of course, Epcot (my favorite theme park ever!):


1) Work (without an 's') is being done in front of the Monorail entrance
2) The new railings are being installed on the Fountain of Nations
3) IMAGINATION! is still under refurbishment (the ImageWorks area)
4) The 2010 Food &Wine festival is taking shape
5) Work is being done inside "Mouse Gear"

The photos!:

I wonder what they're doing here:

The elevator is under refurbishment (to enter the monorail there are no stairs, so no problem):

My favorite "golf ball"!! :-)

I must have missed this new sign on the refurbished bathrooms (in both sides of Spaceship Earth):

The former "Rockin' Robots" hall is now a silent room:

Not bad for Soarin'!!! I LOVE this time of the year!
Who's coming now? You're lucky!!:

The Imagination pavilion:

Kodak is still everywhere, but not for long.... :

Nothing "new" inside, other than the usual walls:

This is still here:


*Insert "UNDER REFURBISHMENT" sign here*:

Captain EO still draws big crowds:

But the first room is rarely crowded:

A new sign before the exit (from Captain EO):

Now, don't believe me if you don't want, but looks at the next couple of pictures:

Bookmark, save, share, print, enjoy, study, observe, eat (no, don't do that!!!) this picture!!! So in the future you'll be able to say: "I saw that Soarin' had a 10 minute wait time":

The new railings around the Fountain of Nations is being installed:

Work being done inside Mouse Gear:

The new counters look good!!:

The nature is always outstanding at Epcot!:

Nice view:

The African section is just a waste of space and money:

The 2010 Food & Wine Festival is being prepared:

Nighttime shots of Spaceship Earth:

Thanks as always for reading, and please, post comments!!!

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