Here's part 2 of our latest Magic kingdom update

Here you are the photos:

Works are being done on the first waiting covered area (a bus stop):

The Exposition Hall is continuing to receive more works outside:

The inside is being reconsidered:

Before you could go into this area:

I've spotted these magnificent new bricks on the newest side of the Exposition Hall! They look like the ones in Tokyo Disney Sea! I love this texture:

The others have texture too now, but they're different as you can see:

The"Celebrate a Dream Come True" parade was coming, but I didn't even bother to see it:

More works along main Street U.S.A.:

Some pictures of the Tomorrowland Terrace:

The food area is now covered:

And here's a behind-the-scene look:

Some pictures of Space Mountain:

The Starport seven-five logo at the entrance of the queue:

Blurry but nice picture:

Space Mountain's loading area, one of two (notice that it was empty, since it had just reopened after a breakdown):

Space Mountain's unloading area (one of two, since the ride is double):

The post-show is very nice:

Some Space Mountain with the lights on photos (yes, it broke down again!):

Dumbo and its new clock:

This area will become bigger very soon:

Works near the "Hall of Presidents":

The "Liberty Tree Tavern" is still under tarps:

The "Liberty Square Riverboat Landing" was open again after a week or so of refurbishment:

"The Diamond Horseshoe saloon" was open for dinner only (that's strange, since it's usually open only for lunch):

The Frontierland shooting gallery:

"Country Bear Jamboree":

Some small works in front of Splash Mountain:

The great "Big Thunder Mountain Railroad":

My favorite season is beginning!!:

Thanks for following us, and remember once again,

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