Here you are a new update of Universal Studios Florida (a small IOA update is coming tomorrow):

Enjoy as always, and most importantly, please COMMENT!
We love to hear your opinion!:

I have never noticed that you can see the old Hard Rock Cafe' building from the entrance of US:

The Emmy Awards:

Yesterday the parks were full! Both:

Desip... Depsic... ehm, Despicable me:

Still closed!:

And this is abandoned too:

Nice view of the lagoon...

... ruined by these giant globes!:

The Simpsons Ride:

Some MIB pictures:

This scene reminds me of the two skeletons playing chess at MK's Pirates of the Caribbean:

More MIB photos:

Loading bay:

The EXIT area:

Are we alone in the Universe? OF COURSE WE ARE!:

BOO! That's all! Why do they have to keep this stupid, inutile, futile, dangerous, stupid (yes, twice) show???:

Go away!!

Time for a poll:


Some Egyptian stuff, from the Museum of Antiquities:

Sorry, but it's too dark!:

I have never noticed these rails before:


Special tapings:

More Riptide Rockit :-) 

Maybe not everybody loves Lucy... It is always empty:

The new interactive wall at the Hard Rock Cafe':

Thanks for joining us in this new update! Take care!

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