Here we are with another big update of the Disney Studios.

There are no major news, but this new updates provides new pictures of the various attractions and areas of the park:

It's a shame that there are no more daily FANTASMIC! showings...

The park was almost empty!!! Most of the people were either in the entrance or queuing for Toy Story Midway Mania!!:

DHS has more afternoon street entertainers than any other theme park in Orlando:

These banners look new to me (or I probably never noticed them!):

I love this view!!:

This is awkward!!:

Some of the props inside the Great Movie Ride theatre:

This has to be one of the best-themed waiting rooms ever:

This is still open, but will soon be refurbished with exciting additions!:

See? There were large empty spaces between people:

Oh well!!:

I'm tired of these lies!! They're not doing anything here right now!!!:

More pictures of the park:

The sign for the Monsters, INC. entrance is gone for good, since nobody ever used this entrance:

The Streets of America were kind of empty:

This is great theming!:

I love Muppet*Vision!! It's so funny!:

Do NOT look here:

I'm happy that these are going away soon (end of August):

The pre-show of the now-BORING Studio Backlot tour:

The old name of the Studios is still alive! Disney-MGM Studios:

Time for a poll, don't you think?:

Thanks for voting!

I actually like the walking part of the tour where you get to see many props from actual films or old rides like Horizon or World of motion!:

Another Hidden Mickey:

This looks like Mulan's horse:

More pictures from the Backlot Tour:

A new Tron ad:

Some pictures of TOY Story Midway MANIA!:

Mr. Potato is great!:

A video of him is coming soon!:

Some more pictures from the park:

And to end, some pictures of the Rock 'n' Glow party:

It's way better than the Club 626 of magic Kingdom:

Thanks for viewing!!!

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