Here you are a new update on the works on the new Fantasyland Expansion!
Don't miss this update, because we have some "aerial" pics from Dumbo!:

Again some pics of the refurbed side of the Exposition hall:

Now they have hanged some plants:

But there's still a lot of work that has to be done:

A new sign:

Works on the Emporium:

A great band of entertainers played music from "Mary Poppins":

Works on Casey's Corner (they never end!! It's been like three months like that!):

Works on a planter near the Tomorrowland Terrace:

As I said in a previous update, we're preparing a great Mickey's Toontown Tribute, so stay tuned!:

In Mickey's Toontown Fair now there's a wall too:

And now, an enormous number of Fantasyland pictures:

Winnie The Pooh's tree:

The queue of Winnie the Pooh is now all outside the building (under the sun, like all the queues in California...) and it will stay like this until the end of the year...

In the shop and in front of the attraction there's now a much better music of Winnie, less childish, more classic... You'll like it (video coming soon):

The temporary ride sign:

Over the walls:

The loading/unloading area:

They've reopened the Scuttle Landing seating area:

A view of the construction area from the Pinocchio Village house:

And now, aerial pictures from... Dumbo!! Yes, I made it! It was only a 30 minutes queue, so I was finally able to ride it!!:

Works continue on Peter Pan's Flight too:

They're putting a new roof here:

This will be closed soon:

Is this missing something?:

Yes, the eagle sign or something like that:

Thanks for viewing, and have a great day!!

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