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New parade for Disneyland! (and MK)

A brand new parade is coming to Disneyland California next year! It looks great!
Here's the complete article from the Disney Parks Blog:
"A new parade, Mickey’s Soundsational Parade, will stomp, clang and drum its way to Disneyland park next year. [Here's an artwork of the parade:]

Today, we’re sharing the first preview of the artwork for Mickey’s Soundsational Parade. It gives you a glimpse of the vibrant colors and exciting array of Disney characters that may appear on the streets of Disneyland park in 2011.
Plus, there are a whole lot of exciting elements for the new parade that can’t be captured in this artwork: - The parade is an explosive music festival with thrilling rhythms and bold percussion that will bring to life some of the most beloved melodies from Disney films.
- Live musicians will amplify the fun. Mickey Mouse and some of your favorite Disney characters will play live and will encourage members of the crowd to join a giant jam session.
- Lively dancers will stom…

Animal Kingdom July 2010 update (part 2)

Here's Part 2 of this mega-update! If you haven't seen PART 1, please GO HERE.
Here you are more pictures! Enjoy!:
The Maharajah Jungle Trek:

More exciting news from the Magic Kingdom!

Wow!! Good news are really abundant in these days!
After the fact that we're going to receive a new parade and show for next year, there are more news, from the Disney Parks Blog:
"Before we dive into the weekend, there are a few quick updates to share out of Magic Kingdom Park to end the week. First is a new character experience — a “play and greet” with characters Rapunzel and Flynn Ryder at the park’s Fairytale Garden. Beginning Friday, October 15, you’ll be able to interact with both of the stars from the upcoming Disney film “Tangled.”
The Rapunzel and Flynn Ryder experience will replace the current show, “Storytime with Belle” at Fairytale Garden. The final “Storytime with Belle” show will be September 12.
And some of you may have already heard about some downtime scheduled for 
“It’s a small world.” The attraction will be closed for refurbishment 
this Sunday, August 1 through Friday, October 22....
We’ll post more details on both of these updates in the future. And now, let…

New pictures of the Disney Dream

Two new pictures of the new Disney Dream (courtesy of the Disney Parks Blog), a great new cruise ship

And also a new video of the ship under construction, from the Disney Parks Blog too:

Did you spot all the themed rooms that will be featured in the ship?

By the way, you can find even more new informations HERE!

Animal Kingdom July 2010 update (part 1)

Here's finally a new update on Disney's Animal Kingdom!
As I said many times, even though I'm a nature-lover, Animal Kingdom still doesn't meet our standards for being an Orlando theme park. It has 12 years and it's still poor of attractions.
Blame the economy, blame Disney or whoever you think it is, but it's still not enough rides.
They used to call Animal Kingdom "NATAZU" (not a zoo), but I think they should have called it "JASTAZU" (just a zoo)..... They need to do something with it!!

Anyway, yesterday Animal Kingdom amazed me. It was a gorgeous Florida day with no sun, many beautiful clouds, a bit too humid of course, but great. Crowds were very limited in the afternoon. All the animals (but the Gorillas, I don't know why) were outside, and the safari was GREAT!!! I saw every single animal! The lion was even roaring, rhinos were crossing the road with a baby, Hippos were out of the water (that is something great, they're very d…

Toy Story land almost done

The brand new land for Walt Disney Studios in Paris is almost done:
photo courtesy of Disney and More
To see some picturesand to read more informations about the new Toy Story Playland, please go to DISNEY AND MORE.
If you have read the Disney&More article, you will see that the theming is good, but the rides are... ugh!! The most horrible I've ever seen for a Disney Park!! A Parachute drop??? An RC "coaster"??? But, most of all, did you see the Slinky dog ride???? I have no words. Good theming, horrible rides.
What do you think? i personally hope they open soon the Ratatouille dark ride. And it has to be great, otherwise the Studios in Paris will sink even more....

Around the World (Showcase): NORWAY

Welcome to a new series that will appear every two weeks, and will focus on one country of World Showcase, in Epcot. Here you will see pictures from each pavilion.
This weeks' pavilion is: NORWAY!

This is definitely one of the best pavilions, because of its theming, and especially because of its ride. But, let's see some pictures of it:
The typical grass over the roof

HSM 3 is going to be replaced!

One of Walt Disney World's most pointless shows is going to be replaced soon. I'm talking about the "High School Musical 3: Right here, right now!" show at Disney's Hollywood Studios. That's a great news, right? Unfortunately though... the new show doesn't sound so good either...
Here's the news, from the Disney Parks Blog:
picture subject to the copyright of the Walt Disney® Company. All rights are reserved.
"Earlier today we announced the extension of Disney’s Main Street Electrical Parade at Walt Disney World, and if that’s not enough good news for a Thursday, there’s also a fresh, new show coming to the Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort this Fall.
A live, rock-concert style show will blast popular music from a variety of Disney Channel hits, including the “High School Musical” series [again??? Is this thing hunting us??], “Camp Rock” [booo!] and “StarStruck” [never heard of it...]. The show, which has yet to be officially named, will f…

Electrical parade to stay longer

The Main Street Electrical Parade will remain at the Magic Kingdom even after the Summer Nightastic event will end. There have been many rumors about it, and they've finally been confirmed. According to WDWMagic,"it has long been speculated that this extended Main Street Electrical Parade stay will give SpectroMagic time to undergo a significant refurbishment ready for a return to the Magic Kingdom."
Here's also the full press release about the news:
"LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. (July 29, 2010) – With its glittery galaxy of 23 illuminated floats, 80 performers, and trademark synthesizer music sweetened with Disney theme songs, Disney’s “Main Street Electrical Parade” has been leaving Magic Kingdom guests aglow all summer. 
Now, the cherished entertainment spectacular is being extended by popular demand, Walt Disney World announced today. 
“The return of Disney’s ‘Main Street Electrical Parade’ to the Magic Kingdom has been an overwhelming success,” said Magic Kingdom Vice …

Epcot update (Pizzeria almost done!)

Here we are today with a new Epcot update. As usual, this park is great. It looked like it was going to pour down but it ended up to be a great, not-too-hot day. But, let's see what's new and what's different!:
The clouds were promising a huge thunderstorm:


X-Raptor is the new B&M roller coaster that is being built at Gardaland, located in Loc. Ronchi, "near" Verona, Italy. We have some news about it, from Screamscape:

"I received some interesting pictures and an announcement of sorts from Gardaland earlier today regarding their new 2011 coaster, which confirmed that it is indeed from B&M. They also promise that a new  webcam will be online soon to show off the area where the construction is to take place.      However, something unusual is taking place as well. An armored container was placed next to the building site along with “special monitoring radar aerial surrounded by very particular watertight containers for scientific scopes and by unusual depressurising valves…” Special technicians, dressed up in containment suits, are now roaming the site, conducting tests, and even taking measurements of some kind to guests passing too close to the site.      “Apparently it looks like something anomalous has been spotted …

OOTL: New WOC video from the sky

A great new video of the World of Color show seen from the sky has been posted by the Disney Parks Blog:

Nice video! From the above, the show is great too!

'Aerial' pics of Fantasyland works

Here you are a new update on the works on the new Fantasyland Expansion! Don't miss this update, because we have some "aerial" pics from Dumbo!:

Animal kingdom celebrates biodiversity

Walt Disney World celebrates the year dedicated to biodiversity:
International year of biodiversity celebrated at Disney's Animal Kingdom
"To enhance public awareness of the importance of conserving biodiversity - and the threats to biodiversity we face today - the United Nations General Assembly declared 2010 as the International Year of Biodiversity with the goal of significantly reducing the rate of biodiversity loss globally. 
Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park is home to animals of enormous diversity - everything from 2-gram poison dart frogs to 13,000-pound African elephants. On July 28, the theme park will celebrate biodiversity - the variety of life on Earth - with special activities for guests at Rafiki's Planet Watch from 9:30 a.m.-5 p.m.
Diverse animal interactions are a highlight.
Guests can learn why biodiversity is so important by participating in fun, informative activities and presentations, including: learning about diverse animal species; playing biodiver…
This was the first commercial about a Disney Park I had ever seen!! It was great, and it makes me feel like a kid again:
(Sorry, the audio is in Italian, I didn't find it in English...)
From the 1991 Euro Disneyland (Disneyland Paris) Commercial:

Great, wasn't it??? And, if you noticed, they showed the Magic Kingdom here in Florida, because Euro Disneyland wasn't open yet...

The Muppets!

I love Muppet*Vision 3D at Disney's Hollywood Studios, because it's an hilarious and out-of-the-ordinary show. It doesn't have spectacular in-theater effects, but the show is great in its simplicity!
Have you ever been to the rarely-used extended queue though? You can really find some great posters that are parodies of some famous real movies!!
Here you are some of them:

Info about Wonderworks' new additions

The famous Wonderworks attraction found on international Drive has recently opened two major additions, as we have already stated on our April 12th update:
1)- An XD Theater 2)- A 3-story indoor rope course

Now we have more informations about them:
WonderWorks takes family fun to new heights with Orlando’s Only Indoor Ropes Course. Standing 36 feet tall, visitors will climb 3 stories of ropes as they encounter over 20 different obstacles and activities; including a tire traverse, suspension bridges and swinging beams. CLOSED TOE SHOES REQUIRED FOR THIS EXPERIENCE. The ropes course is located on the 3rd level of WonderWorks; also known as the basement. 
Another new feature of the attraction is the XD Theater 4D Extreme Motion Ride. This 12 seat theater is designed with motion seats, special effects and intense fun. Visit WonderWorks today for cutting edge entertainment and fun for all ages!
Well, it sounds great, surely something to check out.

"It's a Small World" refurb

picture courtesy of Disney Stationary
As we posted just last month, "It's a Small World" is closing for a lengthy refurbishment between August and October. We now have some more informations (not official) about what could be done in the attraction:
from some WDWMagic member:
"The upcoming lengthy refurbishment for it's a small world will also include a reworked queue similar to the work currently underway at Pooh. Plans call for the exit of the attraction to be located close to Pinocchio ['s] Village Haus. Hopefully this will alleviate many of the issues they have with exiting guests during rain - among other things."
"The Small World refurbishment will include queue work and ride enhancements."
"In addition more of small world's queue will be air conditioned."
So there will be some queue changes, but there will be NO Disney characters added to the ride, as it was confirmed some weeks ago. Also, the Disneyland facade is NOT coming to …

New track for the Monorail

Don't be fooled by the title of the post... it's not an EXPANSION of the monorail, but it's something interesting. A new section will be added to the Monorail in the Transportation and Ticket center.
From The Monorail Society
New Spur Track for WDW (07/25/10)
"Lake Buena Vista, Florida. Sources tell us that Walt Disney World is about to embark on its first track addition project since the EPCOT loop was added in 1982. A new switch will be added near the Transportation and Ticket Center (TTC) which will accomodate a new spur line. With that side track, monorail operations will be able to keep a work tractor in a much more central location, ready for events on either the Bay Lake loops or the EPCOT loop. This will save a lot of time if the so-called "Park Rangers" (the electrician and mechanic on duty out on the system) have a tractor close by rather than having to position trains to make way for the work vehicle." Additionally, the spur line will have enough…

Coming soon...

As we anticipated in our public survey (we need 2 more votes, by the way), September will be a great month, because we're going to launch the 
OTPN's Rides of the year AWARD!!!
Why are we anticipating this so ealry? Because we need your votes! So, plan o participating, it will be a full TWO-WEEK tournament!
Click on this artwork to see all the "AWARDS" that will be given this year:

And all the rides that will win will receive a full picture update! So, stay tuned.....
All begins in September.

Matterhorn for... Magic Kingdom?

A rumor that (in my opinion) may never become reality has emerged again in some discussion boards:

During these weeks, someone brought up that the Disney Imagineers have decided to finally review the new Fantasyland expansion and have CANCELED part 2 of it, namely the Pixie Hollow area.
So, this means that they may focus their attention in one (or maybe both, which is HIGHLY unlikely) of the following projects:
-Frontierland Expansion (behind Big Thunder Mountain railroad)
-A Florida version of the Matterhorn Bobsleds.
And today, we're going to consider the second project. This one was ACTUALLY considered for the park many years ago, and you can see this blue sky project here, courtesy of Imagineering Disney:

Of course, as you can see, it included THREE rides, shops, restaurants and more....
Here's what the California ride looks like: (images copyright of their respective websites)

The ride's track:

And during the ride you have a couple of encou…

The Family Feud!

As I anticipated yesterday on our Facebook page, we visited again the Family Feud studio, and once again, it was a great experience.
This time though, we were able to take some pictures of the (empty) studio, because it was allowed to do so. You can't take pictures while the show has started.

OOTL: new pool for Disneyland Hotel

A new pool, complete with new features is coming soon (well, maybe not so soon, but in 2012) at the Disneyland hotel, one of the three Disney-owned hotels located at the Disneyland resort in California. Here's the detailed news from the Walt Disney Company:
"In May [of 2010], the Disneyland Resort announced substantial upgrades at the Disneyland Hotel as part of the hotel's continuing renovation project. 
From July 26 - August 2, several locations will close their doors to make way for exciting enhancements in the courtyard area.
July 25 is the last day of operation for Hook's Pointe and the Wine Cellar, followed by Croc's Bits 'n' Bites and The Lost Bar on August 1. The last day of operation for the Video Arcade will be July 30 and July 31 for the Jungle Cruise Remote Control Boats
Poolside service at the Never Land Pool will remain available, and operating hours will not change, weather permitting. The lounge at Steakhouse 55 will become the primary bar for…

IOA update (July 25,2010)

Here's a new IOA update!! Please, remember to view also our Universal Studios update from yesterday!

The park's skyline is great:

New on-ride videos!

In these weeks we have added some new ride-through videos that you don't want to miss! Some parts are a bit blurry, and we're sorry about that, but the fast passage from dark to bright light causes this inconvenient.
Here they are:



And remember to check out OTPN's YOU TUBE Channel from time to time!

Universal Studios July 24 update

Here's a quick update of Universal Studios Florida!:

The Disney Look... to the Past! (07/19 - 07/25)

Here's this week's look at the past of all the Disney attractions, parks and film studios!:
This Week in Disney History: July 19-25

July 24, 1966 - New Orleans Square is dedicated at Disneyland Park Geometry enthusiasts may be disappointed to learn that the first land added to the park after its opening is not actually square in shape, but despite the misnomer, this charming slice of the Crescent City is among the most intricate and unique sections of Disneyland. With highly detailed belle epoch architecture reminiscent of the French Quarter, New Orleans Square rewards guests who peer into its lavish window displays, sample taste sensations like the Monte Cristo at CafĂ© Orleans and clam chowder from the Royal Street Veranda, or find picturesque hidden nooks and corners like Le Court de Anges (the Court of Angels.) The land also hosts three classic Disney Parks attractions: the swashbuckling Pirates of the Caribbean, the grim grinning ghosts of the Haunted Mansion, and the Disneyl…

Great Discounts for Annual passholders!

Great news for both WDW and DLR Annual passholders! This morning it will be a great day to buy something in the World of Disney Store of DownTown Disney!
More news from the Disney Parks blog:
Sizzling Summer Appreciation Day Sale
"It’s that time of year again for you Passholders & Disney Vacation Club Members – time to shop till you drop. On Saturday, July 24, World of Disney Stores at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resorts are hosting shopping extravaganzas. It happens from 6:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m. at Walt Disney World Resort and 6:30am – 9:00am at Disneyland Resort.

For those of you who have shopped the sales before, you know that there are incredible discounts of up to 50% off, special offers, door busters and of course, a special gift for the first 1000 Guests that come through the doors of World of Disney.
And if you’re one of our special guests, shopping at Walt Disney World on July 24, the savings don’t stop at World of Disney. Select merchandise shops and restaurants in…

The ORIGINAL Journey into Imagination

While searching on YOU TUBE some old videos of past attractions, I saw a really good video (in 3 parts) of the ORIGINAL Journey Into Imagination....
Judge by yourself!:

- PART 1 -

- PART 2 -

- PART 3 -

Even if you didn't see all three videos you may have understood why I got so mad. It was a major E-ticket dark ride!! It was great, 100 times better than the current cheap version!! It is the first time I've seen a great video of it!
I knew that the original version was good, but not as much as this!!!!
What do you think? Shouldn't Disney be ashamed of how they've treated Epcot??? No more original JOURNEY INTO IMAGINATION, WORLDS OF MOTION, HORIZON, WONDERS OF LIFE!!!
What have they done????

Around the World (Showcase): MOROCCO

Welcome to a new series that will appear every two weeks, and will focus on one country of World Showcase, in Epcot. Here you will see pictures from each pavilion.
This weeks' pavilion is: MOROCCO!:
It's one of the nicest pavilion, even though it doesn't have any ride:

Fastpass... for Dumbo?

Everybody knows how bad are the lines for Dumbo, at Magic Kingdom. I was able to ride it only ONCE since I came to live here!
Well, of course they're going to build a new double Dumbo with a next-generation queue soon... but, what about now? It seems like The Walt Disney Company has filed a permit to build a Fastpass location for Dumbo!
Here's the link to the permit: NEW DUMBO FASTPASS CLOCK.
Let's see: why does the permit say "Fastpass clock"? Is it going to be just a clock? No, I don't think so. I think it means that it's going to be build where now stands a CLOCK. It has to be nearby..... but where?
One location may be the Pinocchio villagehouse, as seen here:

Of course, keep in mind that this is only a RUMOR. But, why building a Fastpass location for a ride that's going to be moved in an year or so? And why NOW?
What do you think? Would this be a good move? Would it do some good, or would it make the lines even worse??
UPDATE: Here's the truth! There will …

The Time Machine: Italy's pizzeria

this week, the Time Machine takes us in Epcot, in the Italian pavilion. Here you are the pictures that show you the progress of the new Pizzeria (from January to July)!:

Site news

First of all, we'd like to thank all of you that participated to our survey!!
There are some new addition to the site, and we would like to post them here in case you didn't see them. First of all, if you look on our MENU bar on the top, you will notice that we added two new options:
1) NEW PROJECTS: This page is still under construction, but you can already see some of the new attractions, rides, areas and theme parks that are coming to Orlando in the future!
2) CONTACT US: If you'd like to contact us for any reason, you now can do it in an extremely easy way! Just fill out the required fields of the contact form, and you're all set!! there's no need to have an hotmail account anymore! Of course, our e-mail address is still available (
More new features are coming soon, as we read all your ideas in our survey!
Oh, and don't forget to check out our new Epcot update!!

Epcot construction update

Today we proudly present a new update of Epcot!

Lots of new details have emerged since our last visit to the park, just a week ago!!
Here we go:
Spaceship Earth is again clean and shiny!:

Fantasy Surf Update

Here you are some new pictures of the new Fantasy Surf attraction that should be opening soon! On a side note, it seems like works have slowed down a bit, but I figured out that they may be now working on the inside section of the building, and it looks like I was right, since yesterday I spotted a new Flow Rider® system  being installed (or at least, they were working on the "attraction" itself)
The pictures:

See you on the next update!

Busch Gardens works

While we focus more on our nearest theme parks, we don't have to forget that Busch Gardens Tampa is preparing something great for us in 2011!
There you can see that works are really speeding up, and more details emerge...
From the update:
'There is a lot of work going on around the Crown Colony area. It looks like even the south stairs may be getting a face lift to better fit the theme of the new area. There are more sheet piles driven into the ground in front of the new coaster's station. They are likely to be for the first of many trenches. The new truck depot looks very close to opening as they were training employees on how to back up to the new dock today'
Thanks to BGTGuide for the update!

Magic Kingdom update - part 2

Here's part 2 of the update.

More pictures near Peter Pan:

Magic Kingdom update - part 1

Here's a fresh and new update on the Magic Kingdom! Since in our new survey some complained about the slow loading of all these pictures, we decided to post max. 50 pictures per post, so after you view these pictures, you can read PART 2 of the update.
Here is PART 1:

Bowling complex coming to Highway 192

A new bowling alley plus a video arcade are coming to the 192. Thanks to Screamscape (and the following article), we learn that the location of this new entertainment complex may be the old WATER MANIA water park, that closed some years ago and never reopened.
Here's the news from the Orlando Business Journal:
Bowling alley/arcade planned near Arabian Nights on 192 - Facility to replace former Water Mania attraction -
A local firm is moving forward with the redevelopment of a former water park along Osceola County’s struggling tourist corridor, U.S. Highway 192. Plans call for building up to 75,000 square feet of entertainment and office space on 6 acres at the Shoppes of Celebration mixed-use development near Celebration Avenue.
Celebration Mania Investors LLC, an entity related to retail development firm Intram Investments LLC, originally planned to build a 294-room hotel/condo hotel on the site, but last month got approval from the county to change that to an entertainment/office com…

News about Epcot's F&W Festival

We have some new informations about the 2010 Food & Wine festival that will be held at Epcot  OCTOBER 1 - NOVEMBER 14, 2010.
Here you can find this year's park map, where it shows the various locations of the "Tasting stations" and HERE you can download the brochure with some additional informations about the event.
Here you are all the countries that will be featured this year:
Argentina, Introduced: 1996 Australia, Introduced: 1997 Belgium, Introduced: 2010 - NEW! Brazil, Introduced: 1996 Brewer’s Collection, Introduced: 2003 Canada, Introduced: 1996 Charcuterie & Cheese, Introduced: 2010 - NEW! Chile, Introduced: 1997 China, Introduced: 1996 Desserts & Champagne, Introduced: 2000 France, Introduced: 1996 Germany, Introduced: 1996 Greece, Introduced: 1996 Hops & Barley, Introduced: 2005 Ireland, Introduced: 2001 Italy, Introduced: 1996 Japan, Introduced: 1996 Mexico, Introduced: 1996 Morocco, Introduced: 1996 New Zealand, Introduced: 1997 Poland, Introduced: 1996 Puerto Rico, I…