Here you are a small update of the park, that I UNFORTUNATELY had to visit last Saturday (for the free special glasses to view the parade and the fireworks), and believe me, it was NOT a nice day, but not because of the weather (it was very nice, indeed) or for the crowd level (it was a medium day), but for something else I don't want to argue about, but that does not agree with Walt Disney's original idea...

Anyways, onto the pictures!:

Passholder check-in was in the rose garden:

Strangely, there was a Stitch show on that day:

The new Space Mountain set is amazing! But the cost is a bit.... too much! It costs about $225..

The huge arcade inside Space Mountain's gift shop:

Works continue in Fantasyland:

These works at Peter Pan NEVERLAND END!!

This is funny:

More works:

Still a temporary sign here:

A small set of wall here:

That's all.... see ya'!!

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