Here you are a new update!!

(P.S.- Since it's full of pictures, you'll have to open the full post on another page. Just click on "READ MORE").

Hmmm..... There's something wrong here:

Aaaaah, now it's better!:

A quick rain:

"Walt Disney: One Man's Dream" will close for more than three months for a refurb, where it will receive a new floor, new props and more:

Always crowded in here:



Some Cast Members were surveying people, but I didn't understand about what... :

What are they doing here? I will reveal the secret on PART 2 of this update!:

No more Power Rangers:

and, even though you can still meet the monsters, the "Monsters, INC." sign disappeared:

As I said before, the Power Rangers are finally gone!:

More pictures:

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