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Something's growing... at SeaWorld

Here's the promised update from SeaWorld Orlando! Remember that to see all the pictures you have to click on "READ MORE"!

This is the best entrance of all Sea World's theme parks in the world:

Let's see some pictures of Manta, shall we?:

Galaxi Spin coming this fall

Galaxi Spin was a small roller coaster-type ride that was located in the now-gone Cypress Gardens, and was sold to Fun Spot just last winter.
We talked about this in one of our updates, and now, thanks to Screamscape, we have some pictures of the coaster's pieces, that are already in place.
Here's the news from Screamscape:
"Johnny Upsidedown has posted a new update from FunSpot USA showing off all the Galaxy Spin pieces on site. He also reports that the coaster will go on the north end of the property where the Sky Coaster building and Double Wheel are currently located."
If you want to see some pictures of the coaster (when it was located inside Cypress Gardens), well, here they are!:
picture courtesy of
picture courtesy of
In Johnnyupsidedown, we read that the coaster will be located near the entrance of the park, just behind the double ferris wheel... I have to say that I thought it would have ended up going in the far end of th…

Today... Sea World!

I think it's time to go back to visit Sea World today. Is there any special request?

New Surf attraction coming soon!

A new indoor surf adventure is coming to Orlando! It's called Fantasy Surf, and it will open October 2010 in Kissimmee.
Here's the complete press release:

CATCH THE ULTIMATE WAVE AT ORLANDO AREA WATER EXPERIENCE Indoor surf and wave board venue opens this fall
Kissimmee, Fla. – Catching a wave in landlocked Kissimmee seems like only a dream. But soon tourists and Central Florida locals will experience the rush of sliding, riding and surfing waves when Fantasy Surf at FantasyWorld Resort ( opens this October.

The new $4 million indoor aquatic recreation venue will be located at 5151 Kyngs Heath Road, on the Vacation Villas at FantasyWorld Resort property and will appeal to family participants of all ages.
Fantasy Surf features the patented FlowRider™ system that has the look of surfing and wakeboarding, ride of snowboarding, and tricks of skateboarding in a safe and controlled environment. The thrills and techniques developed from this water experience have …

Universal Studios... still empty?

Well, it depends. I went just last Saturday, and it was pretty full. Here you are some pictures of it:

Well, at the beginning, it looked like it was empty, but it was neither too crowded nor too empty:

The Blues Brothers:

The New York section has a great theming:

Central Park:


The Simpsons Ride:

The Coke Alien came back!!:

MIB (Man In Black):

NOOO! That atrocious show is coming back!!:


And now, two random pictures!



Thanks for viewing, and have a great evening!

Remembering Cypress Gardens

As you may all know, Legoland Florida is coming to Florida! But, what about the old Cypress Gardens? Have you ever visited it when it was fully open?
Cypress Gardens was advertised as Orlando's most complete destination, with 4 areas: 
1) a theme park section (the rides were like the one you can find in Fun Spot);  2) a water park section (a small but decent water park, included with the admission, until 2009);  3) a nature park section (this was the best area of the park, the gardens are really gorgeous, but don't worry, they are staying, as Legoland officials have announced); 4) a zoo section (but the animals were suffering, because the cages were too small).
They also had a great water ski show (and Legoland is thinking about keeping it).
Here you are the only 4 pictures I had left of the park:

Unfortunately, the park closed down definitely in September 2009, and here's what the ex-owners posted on Cypress Gardens' website:
Cypress Gardens and Splash Island Waterpark Now Close…