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Just a few reminders: Today, I'm going to a random theme park for a new update;remember that tomorrow is April 1st, so don't believe any strange news, because it could be a joke (you will not see them here, don't worry);Please, participate to the poll down here. Thanks a lot for the attention!

Which new Coaster do you choose?

Last year, two new coasters were added to Orlando's "portfolio". Many people have complained about Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit at the beginning, but now it seems things have changed a bit. First of all, Take a look at these pictures of both rides (just to refresh your memory in case you have never seen them in person):


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New underground theme park?

Of course this seems to be a huge joke.... Look at this strange website that Screamscape discovered: You can see that even the graphic of the site is fake (The image is divided in four parts, and the site is really simple for a new theme park). Also, would a theme park advertise its grand opening just a few days before?? Indeed, the grand opening for this new "theme park" should be April 4th, 2010. Can you believe that? And there's another thing: nobody can ever build an underground theme park in Florida, because of the sand and of the possible floods that can occur when tropical rain arrives. Well, consider this park a funny joke to tell your friends... UPDATE AT 3:34 P.M. Even CFNews 13 is skeptic about this new "theme park" You can read their report here: Underground Theme Park coming to Central Florida? They even followed the directions, but of course nothing was there....

Concept art for Epcot's new restaurants!

Some new concept arts have been released from the official Disney Parks Blog: The first one is the concept art for the Pizzeria in the Italian Pavilion: And this one is the concept art for the new Cantina de San Angel: They seem great, don't they? Which do you like more?

Ridemakerz at Downtown Disney

Here you are some news about the new store that came to Downtown Disney only a few weeks ago: Car customizing shop for kids opens interactive experience, complete with real-world show cars! LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. Fun is about to shift into overdrive at Downtown Disney Westside at Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Fla. RIDEMAKERZ®, the first-ever car customizing experience for kids and kids at heart, is opening this week for a limited engagement at the 120-acre entertainment, shopping-dining complex. This opening follows the October 2009 launch of a RIDEMAKERZ shop in Downtown Disney in Anaheim, Calif., that won the company recognition by Chain Store Age magazine as best worldwide “Pop-Up” store. In the RIDEMAKERZ experience, guests can build a one-of-a-kind radio control car or “ride it”. RIDEMAKERZ estimates there are more than 649 million possible build combinations, not including individual decal placement. “The RIDEMAKERZ experience is pure fun, and the process is design…

World Showcase's new country

Here's a new survey that was reported on Screamscape: A Screamscape reader was stopped in Epcot in World Showcase’s Outpost area by a CM and asked to take a brief survey. Just three simple questions, starting with a “How many times have you visited Walt Disney World?”. The next two questions however are far more interesting. First was a multi-choice question asking which country you would most like to see added to World Showcase: Australia, Brazil, South Africa, Russia or an Other choice to name something else. Following this the next question asked guests which country would they be LEAST upset to see removed from World Showcase. While this doesn’t mean that Epcot is ready to add a new country just yet, it is telling that they are interesting in getting guest feedback about the possibility. Even more telling is the fact that they are considering doing it as a replacement for an existing country rather than build a new one entirely from scratch. While guests could pick any cou…

EPCOT update (PART 2)

Here you are part 2 of our new update on EPCOT! P.S.: If you'd like some of these pictures in full resolution (to use as a computer background), feel free to  e-mail us at!

Nature is really, really wonderful!

Works continue in Mexico:

The new gift shop in China is now open:

mmm... Soarin's building ruins Canada's background:

Bonsai in Japan: