One of our reader (Marina, that constantly follow our updates!) reports the latest news from her visit to Islands of Adventures. Here is her comment:

"Nothing new at IOA, really. Ripsaw was working...and some people were actually riding it in 40 degree weather!!!

Jurassic Park [River Adventure] was closed, but the rest of the JP attractions were open except for one of the restaurants.

  I didn't see any new construction on HP, but I didn't have a long time to look as I was with other people who didn't have much patience for staring at it for minutes on end. I did meet the people who are organizing Infinitus at the entrance to Hogsmeade though, and that was really fun!"

Thanks a lot to Marina for the informations! I'm trying to schedule a new IOA update soon!

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Marina said...

No problem, thanks for the acknowledgement :) I wish I could have gotten more info on HP...

Thanks for this update news. I really adore them (Islands of Adventures); it is really beautiful place and has a great deal of visitor attractions. I have been there lots of time with family and each time we really enjoy there.

Best Regards,

Anonymous said...

Oooh! Infinitus!! I'll be there, hope to see a lot of you!

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