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New features coming to OTPN!

Try to click on the "SeaWorld parks" and "Walt Disney World" buttons on the top of the Homepage, and you will see that we drafted an overview of the WDW resort and of Sea World Orlando. "Universal Orlando" resort's overview will be available later this week, while for "legoland Florida.... well, we have just to wait! Do you like those new pages? Tell us what you think!

Safari of Fun map

Busch Gardens has released the map of the new kiddie area that will open March 27, 2010. The area actually doubled as they promised, and little kids will have a lot of fun there! Check out the map, with other informations here:Sesame Street Safari of Fun mapHere you are the list of the attractions (if you don't want to leave the page): Air Grover Soar with Grover on his plane through the Sahara – a junior coaster full of fun turns, mini-dives and plenty of laughter. The Count’s Zambezi Rally Look for The Count at this kid-size car ride that takes you on a jaunt through our desert and tribal trails – and all at your own speed. Zoe-patra & the Hippos of the Nile A splashy fun flume ride with Zoe’s hippo friends that gives you a riverside glimpse of Africa – pyramids included! Snuffy’s Elephant Romp Fly around and around and up and down with Snuffy’s fun friends. Elmo’s Safari Go-Round Sit atop a friendly lion, zebra or buffalo for a spin on this tribal-inspired carousel wit…

A Tribute to Dawn Brancheau

SeaWorld has recently lost one of his best trainers, Dawn Brancheau. Here's a tribute to her, that is being showed before each "BELIEVE" show (the Killer-Whales' show), and that I wanted to show you.Thanks to Theme Park Insider for the news.

Weekly recap ( February 21-27 2010)

Dueling Dragons closes today

Just a reminder for all the readers of OTPN that are going to Universal Orlando between TODAY and at least MAY 20, 2010: During your visit, Dueling Dragons will NOT be available, because it closed today for refurbishment. It is slated to open with the rest of the new area (around the end of May/early days of June) having a new name (Dragons Challenge), a whole new theme in the queue section and new trains (the last one is a rumor for now).  Thanks for reading!

Sea Life coming to Florida

Today, while making some researches, I saw an article that may confirm the rumors of the Merlin entertainment co. to add a Sea Life to their Legoland Florida Resort. Here's an excerpt from the (very) long article:  "Would an aquarium made of Lego blocks hold water? Mark Jackson thinks it could be so.A Sea Life aquarium could eventually be part of the final package as Legoland comes to Central Florida according to Jackson, director of tourism and sports marketing for the Central Florida Visitors and Convention Bureau.The second phase of Legoland construction “possibly, if you look at the California model, (could include) a Sea Life aquarium (and) definitely a resort destination hotel,” he said Friday at a meeting of the Haines City Chamber of Commerce. Merlin Entertainment, the company which will build Polk’s Legoland’s park, also owns Sea Life aquarium centers, more than 30 around the world, including one in California at the Legoland park there. Company officials told Jackson …

TOY STORY 3 trailer

A new and very fun trailer of TOY STORY 3 has been released some weeks ago. If you didn't watch it yet, here it is: (WARNING!: This is a spoiler, so if you don't want to know anything about it before you see the entire film, don't watch it!) TOY STORY 3 trailer. It will be also available in 3D. I have to say that it inspires me a lot. I like very much Toy Story, and this seems to be as good as the other two (if not better!)

World of... Downtown Disney?!!

Yes, there are some rumors about a brand new water-show coming to our beloved Downtown Disney! Read this news posted today by Screamscape: "Downtown Disney News - (2/27/10) Screamscape was sent an interesting rumor about a possible new attraction under consideration for Downtown Disney. From the sounds of things these plans are a long ways off from being given the green light, but Disney is apparently looking into the possibility of putting on some kind of show at night on the water behind West Side and Pleasure Island. Depending on where they put it, the view of the water here may be a limited, unless they opt to demolish a few of the waterside structures in Pleasure Island. [...] As for the show itself… look for the usual suspects of water screens, fire, lights and more, in sync with music." This show may be very similar to World of Colors, a wonderful new nighttime show that will debut this year at Disney's California Adventure. If this rumor is true, it will be really w…

Universal Studios Singapore

Even though Universal Studios Singapore is not in Orlando, I'd like to post a site (thanks to Screamscape) that has some pretty amazing pictures of the park, that (even though it will be the smallest Universal Studios in the world) may become the best US! Indeed, the level of theming is superb, and is second only to Islands of Adventures! Check out the photos at USSI (Universal Studios Singapore Insider)!! And if you want, you can also check out other USS pictures at the Disney and More website (with PART 1,  PART 2,  PART 3 and also PART 4) or the OFFICIAL WEBSITE of the resort. I include also a poll! You can select multiple answers this time. Thanks for telling your opinion! poll by Universal Studios Singapore ® & © Universal Studios. Universal Studios, the Universal globe logo and all Universal indicia ™ & © Universal Studios. All rights reserved.

Take a Nanooze break!

Innovention's newest exhibit is now open, and some pictures are available at Orlando Attractions Magazine. It's a sort of mini-exhibit, but it's still good. I'm going to check it out next week!


Yes! Thanks to Screamscape, we can now visit LEGOLAND FLORIDA's official website! For now it only shows some images from Winter Haven's press release, but it will show something new very soon! Here's what it says on the main page: LEGOLAND® Florida will be the biggest LEGOLAND® Park ever opened and will offer a unique mix of more than 50 rides, shows and attractions, including spectacular LEGO® models and other interactive elements for the whole family to enjoy together. Check it out! LEGO, the LEGO logo and LEGOLAND are trademarks of the LEGO Group. LEGOLAND FLORIDA IS A MERLIN ENTERTAINMENTS GROUP ATTRACTION.

SeaWorld Orlando: Killer Whale Drowns Trainer

Yesterday afternoon, a tragedy occurred at Seaworld Orlando: a killer whale (the biggest of them) drowned his trainer, a woman of forty years old, that loved working with animal, especially with killer whales. All this happened after a "BELIEVE" show (the killer whales' show) had to be interrupted because the whales didn't want to participate. This can happen, and has happened also before (I've assisted on at least two shows that have had to stop earlier).

But the tragedy happened in the backstage. Indeed, Dawn Brancheau, (that was one of the most experienced trainers, so she knew what she was doing) apparently fell in the tank where Tillikum (that's the name of the whale) attacked and consequently drowned her, all under the eyes of a Brazilian family, that was taking pictures of Shamu's tank (that tank is separate from the show, and is an underwater viewing area).
 That has been really a tragedy, and we are really near Dawn's family. But now, in my …

World of Motion pictures

Just a news for all the people that loves Epcot and its history, I found out a website that has some pictures of the scenes inside the World of Motion pavilion (that closed in 1996, later replaced with Test Track). Here's this very interesting website: LOST EPCOT. If you want to read also my post on the World of Motion pavilion, go HERE. A special thanks to all the people that run that website, so that everybody may see and enjoy the past Epcot's attractions, even though they're now closed!!

WDW's Resort to have more themed rooms

Thanks to The Daily Disney (of the Orlando Sentinel), we now have the confirmation that the WDW's management has decided to extend the theming of more rooms on different resorts (here in Florida as well as in other resorts worldwide.  Some of the rooms in the Caribbean Beach resort received the theming (inspired by the Pirates of the Caribbeans movie) as you can see here: Disney is expected to do the same (changing the theme, of course) with other resorts. I like the idea of a well-themed room, because it seems to sleep inside an attraction! When other informations will be available, we'll post them! See you!

Magic Kingdom update - PART 2

Here you are PART TWO of my Magic Kingdom update! Enjoy! Walls are up for the construction of the NEW FANTASYLAND:Some pictures of the soon-to-be-closed Mickey's Toontown Fair:Frontierland:Splash Mountain is still closed, of course:Big Thunder Mountain railroad:I really love this scenery!: