As I said before, TOMORROW (December 30, 2009) I will go to Islands of Adventure (the park you chose) to take some pictures.

If you have any special request, you can write it in the comments as usual.

We received these votes so far:


EPCOT 3 votes


But don't worry, in these days I will include also a special photo-update of EPCOT (unfortunately, I'll have to avoid Magic Kingdom now, because of the crowds..)

See you tomorrow then, with lots of pictures!

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milkbun said...

OOh I can't wait for the WWoHP! I am a huuuuuge Harry Potter fan and these pics are soo exciting!!Thankyuu~~

Samuele said...

You're welcome! Be sure to come again tomorrow evening to see our brand new pictures!!

It was such a beautiful experience when I went. I would Drop Sea World, but it depends on what all you want to do. If you’re into sea life then sea world is for you unless you’re going to epcot then you can just skip sea world and go to epcot. You cannot pass up Islands of Adventure.

Best Regards,

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