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Today, Thursday December 31st, 2009 we reached more than 25,000 guests that visited our new website (that was born on November 7, 2009). We really thank you a lot for following our updates! It's thank to you that this website provides you new photos and new informations about Orlando's theme parks. Once again, we really want to say to you:

See you tomorrow, with a new update!

Busch Gardens' Safari of Fun Update

A small update of the works at Busch Gardens. You can see some new pictures of the new family roller-coaster called "AIR GROOVER" at this LINK.
In this map you can see the location of the new area (Safari of Fun) that will open spring 2010.

Thanks to Screamscapeand toVinylnation!

Universal Studios & Citywalk update

Yesterday I took some pictures of Universal studios and Citywalk too. So, here it's a brief update:
Universal Studios was crowded too, but it was still ok (not as crowded as Magic Kingdom!!) Welcome to Universal Orlando resort!

The former Hard Rock cafe in the rear of Universal Studios:
Did you know that here in orlando we have the World's largest Hard Rock cafe?

Maybe yes, but did you know that before it there was another HR cafe (which was also the biggest) INSIDE Universal Studios?

as you can see it has been closed for a long time now

it's situated behind "Woody Woodpecker's Nuthouse coaster" and next to "Curios George goes to town"...

Random photos of the park:

Over at Citywalk!

The new sushi bar is going to open very soon!

The sign can hardly seen, but I hope they'll do something about it...

The counter (where you order your sushi)

the whole "restaurant"

you can see the owners in the far right of the pictures!

New update of IOA

I am back! I went this morning to IOA and I have to say it was very crowded (and that's unusual for IOA, because it's a very calm theme park :) ) There was a lot of sunshine and the temperature was good (72 degrees)
(even if some pictures may seem the same, they're all different, because they show different particulars)

I hope they'll reopen the Islands Skippers boats..

but for now it's still closed unfortunately.

Works to the Dragons Challenge Castle:

Triceratops encounter is still closed...

I hope you enjoyed my new photos.. see you again very soon! P.S.> Tomorrow I will also post an update of Universal Studios and Citywalk!

The Disney that never was

While you are waiting for my WWoHP update (that will be available from this evening) you can read this excellent article from Disney&more, which talks about the Wikipedia list of never built Disney Attractions, Theme Parks, Resorts, and more... It's a really long and interesting article! See you this evening then, with a lot of new photos!

New update... tomorrow!

As I said before, TOMORROW (December 30, 2009) I will go to Islands of Adventure (the park you chose) to take some pictures.If you have any special request, you can write it in the comments as usual.We received these votes so far: ISLANDS OF ADVENTURES 13 votesEPCOT 3 votesMAGIC KINGDOM 3 votesBut don't worry, in these days I will include also a special photo-update of EPCOT (unfortunately, I'll have to avoid Magic Kingdom now, because of the crowds..) See you tomorrow then, with lots of pictures!

World of Motion

Today I'm going to talk about a wonderful attraction that was located in EPCOT center. It was the World Of Motion, a state-of-the-art dark ride that featured many animated scenes of the past, present and future transport systems. It opened in 1982, at the same EPCOT center opened. The attraction was sponsored by GM (General Motors, a company that everybody knows and that unfortunately suffered from bankruptcy) and was located exactly to the right of HORIZONS (another EPCOT former attraction, now changed in MISSION:Space), in Future World, as seen on this old park map: As I said before, it was really beautyful. It featured the highest number of Audio-Animatronics EVER (188 !), with 33 animated props and 24 full-scale sets! It was really impressive also in its duration: indeed the length of the ride was 14:30 minutes! Here you can see some of the various scenes of the dark-ride: Here you'll find pictures of the building, that as you can see didn't change a lot: And now, courtesy …